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tv   Headline News  RT  August 16, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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tonight egypt sinks further into chaos as gun battles break out in cairo and dozens of deaths are reported among both the police and morsy loyalists latest scene you can see on your screen now. also more snooping shamers the embattled n.s.a. is revealed to have been violating u.s. surveillance rules thousands of times a year. missing in china's backyard washington ups its military aid to the philippines boosting control in the oil rich south china sea but adds more fuel to the friction as well with.
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new centers ten pm now it's kevin with you could have you company first senator just mentioned again tonight intense gun fires raging in the egyptian capital where crowds of the ousted president supporters about like a mass deployment of security forces on the streets at least fifty people both morsy loyalists and police officers have been killed in the rioting tonight there's been raging in fact throughout the day according to security officials the latest figures we've got the death toll is also rising elsewhere in the country as well true reports from the capital. it's another chaotic day here in egypt on this what the supporters of mohamed morsy call the day of rage in ramses square which is in downtown cairo just off the area it's absolutely massive the moment twenty eight marches converged on the square when they basically intended to set up a sit in gunshots could be heard both automatic weapons and rifle rounds i'm not sure exactly how it started it was coming from direction of a police station called as became a police station need to ramses square but there are wildly differing accounts
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about who attacked first one side they're saying the missing brotherhood supporters have mostly fired on the police and of course the protesters are saying it was the other way around however you could hear these very loud gunshots coming from above from the side from everywhere including tear gas the protesters attempted to get rid of the effects of takeouts by by building bomb fires and getting the kind of says on them but to no avail people were scattered i saw protesters being ferried at the scene with very bloody head wounds it's not just the capital which the moment is a somewhat of a war zone there's also been reported fatalities to the north in the now though to the me after which is the governor it's because of all of the qualities that it's going to get which is naples i.e. in addition there are clashes in alexandria as well as tom to who is seeing this kind of violence spreading everywhere as supporters of mostly either an altercation is with the with the police all with residents of the area so really what this is coming off the back of is of course wednesday's very bloody crackdown by the security forces on two sittings in cairo it's quite
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a serious situation here we're not sure how it's going to go particularly as the ministry of interior set the statement that they are going to allow their offices to fire live ammunition on anyone that was attacking them and also state buildings so we could see these conscious escalate further and more fatalities as the days go on at the moment that makes this the make shift be a toss because they're almost rushed the limit as these people are coming in in the in this capital. we're coming from if you want to access what true is. online she's updating developments from the heart of egypt's deadly turmoil you can find twitter dot com slash true. and people are applauding videos of egypt's cold extremes online to expose this video in fact on you tube you can see people apparently trying to escape police shot by using ropes to try and clamber the bridge into the street below for some people are so desperate they simply jump despite what's been described as horrendous atrocities committed by the army the
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u.s. has decided nonetheless to push ahead with its aid to the egyptian military a spokeswoman from the british gyptian for democracy group says this runs counter to washington's declared stance on democracy. it's actually quite shameful to see countries and leaders of western governments who hail themselves beacons of democracy supporting the slaughter of democracy and its supporters in egypt what obama came out and said yesterday is simply not enough this is what the obama subsidies to the army buys the slaughter of innocent men women and children the army may have pulled the trigger yes it was the west that loaded the gun and the west must take an active stance against this it's not too late to side with democracy in egypt they must come out they must reject what is happening in egypt these cosmetic diplomatic maneuvers of free calling ambassadors and the tepid statements again they are not enough we are talking about people dying and
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revolution. there's also disturbing web producer civilians being fired on allegedly by army snipers in cairo just to warn you you could well find these images coming up upsetting in this video you can see several men helping another person appears to be wounded gunshots and apparently heard in the background and just as one of the men begins carrying the wounded away he is hit by bullets he seems to have survived the shooting before being helped by others in another incident a british t.v. cameraman for sky news was also killed during gun fire apparently a victim of snipers paula slayer's been hearing survivors' accounts when she visited one of the mosques that's no more. after every battle there is a reckoning this is where the tally for this week's deadly clashes is taking place here in that human must where the bodies of the deed and burnt are being false and it was here finally with the fear helmi mohammed found her son she learnt on
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facebook the twenty three year old had been killed she tried in vain to get through sniper fire to reach the darwin a mosque where he'd been camping for weeks as well as up and died in two bullets one was in his heart there are many claims the protesters had weapons but it was a peaceful sit in the police killed him they were standing on top of the roofs they burned some of the bodies and burned some people alive it was egypt's most bloody day of violence since the revolution two and a half years ago this old man managed to save his koran but not his wife she was among the hundreds killed many of them burnt beyond recognition tears of anguish against a backdrop of angry demonstrations i think that's why you march a city obey the. people when we go to this street in the jungles here it is i think it's said that i let's say i'm obeying the will of the egyptian be able went to the streets how about this bieber war stay in the street for forty seven
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days then they would rise and their gift is to kill them that dr mohamed mahmoud was on duty when the first casualty stop. coming in within hours he treated several dozen patients they wounds were worse than anything he'd seen the fall marking a turning point he says from which there is no return the egyptian army usually different people that's what we know or they just show army even our religion we have some proof of this these are the best army and over the world but not to kill his own people is the egyptians always we our history with it if sharon army has to defend us not to kill us because that's why i'm saying this is a very bad and black chapter the accusations and counter-accusations are heating up each side blames the other for unprovoked excessive violence the army stands accused of firing at an armed protesters while the brotherhood is feared for spreading violence anything is possible now unfortunately in every single step that
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we've been witnessing from since january twenty five. we don't think the next step is going to happen it's so far away and then it happens so anything is possible now the interior ministry has given police a green light to use live ammunition against anyone who attacks government buildings the muslim brotherhood is vowing nothing will stop its glorious revolution in a country many fear is now teaching on the brink of civil war policy r.t. kyra. we've got more coverage throughout the night of course imperiously bringing those live pictures on the bottom of your screen there throughout the night as we get those feeds now in other news be n.s.a. has violated the rules on surveillance and even u.s. court rulings thousands of times per year for several years it's emerge from fresh
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revelations based on data made by edward snowden and our correspondent in washington guy and she comes got the details. a leaked n.s.a. internal audit for the year twenty twelve shows thousands of violations and those are the ones that the n.s.a. itself has documented and other paper provide some details on how the agency avoids scrutiny from its supposed to oversee years that justice department n.s.a. analyst are instructed to give only a broad rationale for for targeting someone and the analysts are specifically warned that they must not provide the evidence on which they base their suspicion the n.s.a. defend itself by saying the information is available if requested by overseers but generally from these documents we get the impression that not only has the public being in the dark about these programs but also those who are supposed to provide oversight one of the documents for instance shows that the foreign intelligence. surveillance court which has the authority over some n.s.a.
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operations did not learn about a new collection method and till it had being in operation for many months the court ruled it unconstitutional so in twenty eleven the court ordered the n.s.a. to comply with standard privacy protections or stop the program but the obama administration has fought a freedom of information lawsuit so the administration's main shield for these programs is secrecy it can brush off any opinions on state secrets grounds basically. corresponding to washington. he says the u.s. government to into the president and fall out over this. revolution. there is something called the foreign intelligence surveillance court now this is a very old gus body that was set up with the whole road that it would have proved individual cases of surveillance because under american law. the f.b.i.
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and certainly the cia and n.s.a. are not allowed to surveil american citizens and yet what every scene with this latest revelation courtesy of it was snowden but the massive thousands of surveillance instances a year this is incredible is it as i say. the worst thing that happens for any government is political embarrassment and they have this sense gaff. in the next coming up before that in a few minutes russian champion athlete said the headlines but not for his sport. to protest. about it but take a closer look also as well the u.s.
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government's. currency is like a bit coy with the senate saying the sector must be regulated if you stay with this .
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wealthy british style. market. what's really happening to the global economy. the global financial headlines kaiser reports. hello again washington's in talks with the philippines about a new security deal it wants greater access to the country's military facilities to deploy troops equipment aircraft and ships washington's growing engagements in the asia pacific are eating up billions of dollars with analysts citing china's growing clout as the main reason and see it pans out on the border we well japan not unexpectedly is america's main ally with fifty thousand american troops deployed
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there then south korea comes in second with over twenty eight thousand there's also the security hub of go on as well which host several american military bases under its asia are orientated policy the us has been strengthening its alliances as well with the philippines with singapore thailand viet nam as well as astray deploying troops as well as at drawing up cooperation agreements washington claims is just protecting its economic interests in the region but as artie's pour scott explains next that's not the whole story. america's increasing interest in the asia pacific is defined by the white house as an attempt to strengthen economic and security interests in a paper released in two thousand and twelve washington makes no attempt to shy away from the fact that china's dominance in the region is a concern saying its emergence has the potential to negatively affect america's economy and security but go some way to explaining exactly why the u.s. is beefing up its military presence in the region but the exact extent of their
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muscle flexing is causing some to suggest it's an attempt at containment which will only intensify friction in the region the idea that the united states is protecting the interests of the world against chinese influence is clearly absurd all the united states is doing is ratcheting up military tension and pressure when the world doesn't need it at all disputes over territory are the main reason for heightened tensions the south china say rich in oil and fish is the main bone of contention washington is backing its ally the philippines in that dispute upping its military support to the nation by two thirds or also strengthening its military ties with indonesia singapore malaysia brunei and vietnam the united states say there needs to be greater clarity over china's strategic intentions but as washington maintains they want dialogue they continue to expand their military presence on china's doorstep rattling the world's second largest economy
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a dangerous game of brinksmanship in a region where tensions are already high. well scott digital currency is led by bitcoin have become so influential that the now turning heads in washington the u.s. senate committee started a probe into what it calls an important emerging area that needs to be regulated online and entirely decentralized but cohen has been getting momentum in pushing its way towards the mainstream lately its value indeed rocketed earlier this year peaking at more than two hundred dollars up and almost zero when it was first introduced in two thousand and nine economist marc phone said told us washington wants to control bit coin to ensure that it can't be used to hijack the greenback. their stated objectives investigate these currencies these virtual currencies is that they may be used for illegal means or let me be used for tax evasion and money laundering purposes which of course are that does occur but they're also occurs with u.s. currency which is the major currency for growth dealers and smugglers of all sorts
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so we have to look a little deeper here at these investigations and what we find is that of course the gauger credit card companies are concerned about because it is a competitor because it's cheaper faster than their own services there's no fees involved in so they're concerned and also the federal reserve the treasury are concerned that in the long run virtual currencies me so open are some of the demand for the u.s. dollar so the government is concerned about good quality and popularity at many different levels the alternative currencies one official recognition a deed to now with the u.s. federal judge ruling that it is real money that announcement was made during the trial of a texan charged with fraud through a bit coinbase ponzi scheme with millions of dollars of his paper all of it went to meet the people working to make sure that coins succeeds. bitcoin. peak oil and taro coins each coin can see are filling those developing the digital
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currency perhaps a little bunkers has the potential to be brilliant but we're still in the early days down the road i think it has tremendous potential and the thing next to yes it can be used everybody wants to convenience it's there it's in so-called spaces like this one in bratislava the kinks in the currency being ironed out by a dedicated in close knit group even holding a wedding within a digital den to care for and protect each other on your phone. the developers may soon an unconventional group this is an incompetent currency not controlled by any government or central bank this peer to peer method of exchange can run chanting it will take the stand there. like life cycle of every technology of every new technology hoping the geeks will use it first. sooner or
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later the customers will use it however with one bitcoin currently being worth around seventy euro and only existing in cyberspace it's not really being cohesive with the high street until now or we make. denominations of the coins like. some kind of five euro two euro one euro in that size which would be for example serial point zero one bitcoin and it would look like this actually if we want to make it easy to use solution for down like to keep. in their daily life paid their daily life things with bitcoins like a pizza or a coke at a bar or something like that security online is a major concern for us all these days so developers are looking into a number of ways to protect consumers cash we already talk with some. security lisa ling's companies they will as they will do some labels like with small grounds self
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destroy if you rip them off so we tried really a lot to make it really secure. people that they can be sure. the point is. so they really can use it for trading due to the digital make sure you can be corny and there's no limit to shade the physical appearance you can take you can stamp a few our code on it it will work just how easy is it to use you pass me your credits i start my char redo just redo them and since this one was not claimed before i can just claim it's it's now it's mine it's going form an obscure online form to being talented alongside gold and silver is the only safe investments by those in the know bit quiet. absolutely triumphed as the dollar has crashed ninety per cent they get bit by as bitcoin is set to take on the world and root out the
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banks stirrers and if this continues pretty soon might not be only for nerds they could be the cash in all our pockets peter all of a r.t. bratislava slovakia russian athletic stylin isn't by a visit the headlines again but this time its words rather than world records it's got a there she defended the country's ban on gay propaganda towards minors which has caused controversy and calls in europe to boycott the sochi winter olympics next year r.t. lucy caffein of scotland details. this past week moscow has played host to track and field championships on tuesday the american runner nick symmonds dedicated his silver medal in the eight hundred meter meter race to gay friends and several swedish athletes painted their nails in rainbow colors but the remarks made by your lend them by above was of course the world champion pole vaulter and the biggest star in russian track and field certainly we have noted the debate over gay rights in russia and the world of sports on the respectful to some respect to our seats isn't because russians maybe are different than european people then there are
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people from different lands we have our low rates everyone have to respect and if some police and they've some who are not enough to try to make such a problem as they does. begins because of. because of our law so i think it's unfair front of the now isn't bibles comments and sparked major rebuke from international media outlets an athlete even calls to strip her international olympic committee and bass or ship role now in response to this criticism she did issue a statement today saying that english simply isn't her first language but she wanted to say that quote people should respect the laws of other countries particularly when they are guests of that country she also added that she is opposed to any discrimination against gay people now just a reminder to our viewers the bill in question criminalize the public an expression of support for nontraditional relationships russian lawmakers say that it doesn't
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turn out well homosexuality but merely discourages the discussion of it among younger people people younger than eighteen and there have been scattered calls for a boycott of the twenty fourteen winter olympics in the russian city of sochi but no country or athlete has yet declined to attend and most officials including us president barack obama have called a boycott unnecessary. devastating floods are spreading through russia's far east around fourteen thousand people have already been evacuated from crisis stricken areas steep hills where the maltese lindsay from. there's a psych clone that is forming over the pacific ocean and it's set to bring a large amount of reciprocation through neighboring china and into those of far east regions and unfortunately it means that those floodwaters are going to crest between today and the twenty third and a temporary accommodation has been set up for the thousands of people that have been made homeless by this flood and not to mention the homes that have been ruined but also the road networks the bridges the infrastructure that have been completely
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wiped out by this now the russian health minister has arrived has flown over the areas affected and has a bribe to the far east to touch down and make sure that everyone is getting what they need for its part of the defense ministry has also ensured that an additional troops equipment and medical supplies are on hand you've got a lot of families very young children out there that now have no commendation but thank goodness it's summertime so at least those frigid temperatures are obviously at bay but this flood being in the third week it means that these people who are out of immediate danger are looking to the future and for people who depend on the land for their livelihood it means it means ruined crops and it means a livestock at peril because their food sources have been ruined by these flood waters so obviously these people are looking at a huge rebuild after the flood peaks but help is there and more is
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on the way will obviously be keeping a very close eye on this over the weekend to see what tense up happening with this cycle moving in a over the pacific ocean. of a million pounds worth of british supplies of fall into al qaeda hands that's the embarrassing admission from the government department which hanzo daid u.k. taxpayers are happy especially since they're the ones ensuring austerity while westminster spends a larger proportion of their money on foreign assistance there they are the g eight nation r.t. sarah ferguson a panel of guests discuss the budget under. seemingly endless government cuts and with that we want tightening their belts and claims that the government being less incredible with the problem has been much understandable concern britain's foreign aid spending has once again come under this public scrutiny whilst at home wife always has in the recent past including amongst other things standing on motivational magicians so have the government tried one trick
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too many to convince the british taxpayer that being careful with money or hates what i'm doing by three of them a girl from the taxpayers alliance. unity and john hillery from the world won't thank you very much for joining us taxpayers a lot of the areas that should be focused i mean i think there is absolutely i mean if you look at cancels across the country they're spending local government itself is just wasting kinds of transmitters money on things like motivational magicians so if you look at central government itself i mean last year alone one hundred sixty six three million was spent on projects sector employees sending their kids to private school these are kind of things that you know people need to look into yeah but they sometimes i mean it's very easy to come up with these things and something tragic twenty billion pounds a year and this is some things are very sad when you say about your future man on what you spent a magician you know six considerably less than on its hands which of those relations in a cup one concert and it's council time is there is nothing i want to know my money
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is going towards you know in terms of the different budget itself i don't want my money going towards consultants and the like from being wasted in that way and on pricey trips i want to know that my money is going to the poorest and we're expected to go on and i think that's the problem taxpayers want to know we're getting the best value for our morning and i think the government needs to show that and look into this quite you know it's an important critically critical political thing here is what you spend it on and one of the issues rich i think we both agree on this in terms of time in port. of strong tax revenue for public services for functioning social marketing bout's that's absolutely right i agree that if we if we close the tax gap and then this deals with a lot of issues in terms of hysterically and also actually closing the tax gap in the developing world is vital to move away from dependence on aid you look at the bumper book of government waste we found that one hundred twenty billion pounds
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last year alone was wasted on pings like must've taken such is i mean we looked at public sector fraud cost twenty billion last year all of this money against a four and a half per family in the u.k. at a time when families are having you know hard time tightening their budgets tightening their belts this is the mouth of the mind to money because we're going to need to that thank you very much you have. more news twenty four seven from us of course no web site r.t. dot com in the bottom your screen you can see the latest pictures from egypt a building on fire the big trouble again we'll be following that up in half an hour's time between now and then tough questions and contrasting opinions on iran's nuclear program in a new interview show stay with us. the
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video game company of heroes two is facing a lot of heat from gamers inside the former soviet union in fact fourteen thousand people thus far have taken the time to sign a change dot org petition to get the game removed from former communist shelves across the land why are people so mad this looks like some sort of world war two game i mean in this type of game there's going to be a murdering of virtual rampaging through cities with rocket launchers so why did they start a petition for you to blogger called the bad can. maybe detail twenty five minute video depicting all the gross historical inaccuracies and exaggerations throughout the game but he prefers the soviet army as a pack of slave driving before with every soviet officer wanting nothing more than to shoot his own soldiers in the back or send them to the gulag forthwith according to polygon dot com the game exploits rare moments in the wars history like some very limited battles or soviet soldiers went in unarmed.


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